A Corpus-based Dialogue System for Multi-Word Legal Term Retrieval

This paper presents a corpus-based spoken language dialogue system for looking up multi-word legal terms defined in the glossary of the Hong Kong legal corpus.It is developed as part of the RAMCORP project,which aims at designing and constructing a framework for retrieving resources for and performing translation of terms.Apart from introducing the design,this paper describes an experiment evaluating the recognition accuracy of the proposed legal term dialogue system.

作者单位: City University of Hong Kong
母体文献: 2011中国语料库语言学大会论文集
会议名称: 2011中国语料库语言学大会
会议时间: 2011年11月19日
会议地点: 北京
主办单位: 北京外国语大学,中国外语教育研究中心
语 种: eng
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