Extending our Understanding of Phraseology

This paper is premised on Sinclair's (1987:320) ‘idiom principle’which states that speakers and writers co-select the words they speak and write in order to produce units of meaning.The centrality of phraseology in language use was established in the 1960s (Sinclair,et al.,1970),but it is only relatively recently that there has been an increasing number of studies that have attempted to explore the extent of phraseology in the English language,or to analyse the inner workings of the phraseological tendency.

作者: Martin Warren
作者单位: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
母体文献: 2011中国语料库语言学大会论文集
会议名称: 2011中国语料库语言学大会
会议时间: 2011年11月19日
会议地点: 北京
主办单位: 北京外国语大学,中国外语教育研究中心
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