Linking CEFR to Learner Corpus Research:Identifying Criterial Features of L2 Development

Learner corpus research is a growing new field in corpus linguistics,which bridges the gap between corpus linguistics and second language acquisition (SLA) research.Recently,as corpora of L2 learners at different learning stages become increasingly more available (cf.CLEC,JEFLL,NICT-JLE,among others),there is a growing interest in identifying linguistic features that serve as criteria for distinguishing one developmental stage from another.This is called'criterial features'(Hawkins & Buttery 2010).

作者: Yukio Tono
作者单位: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
母体文献: 2011中国语料库语言学大会论文集
会议名称: 2011中国语料库语言学大会
会议时间: 2011年11月19日
会议地点: 北京
主办单位: 北京外国语大学,中国外语教育研究中心
语 种: eng
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