Contrastive corpus linguistics: Cross-linguistic contrast of English and Chinese

  The corpus-based approach is inherently comparative in nature.The marriage between corpora and contrastive analysis produces a synergy that greatly benefits both areas of research.This paper introduces a new model of Contrastive Corpus Linguistics which provides a common research platform for areas including corpus linguistics, contrastive linguistics, translation studies and second language acquisition research.In the paper we will also present the major research findings, and discuss the challenge and promise, of corpus-based contrastive studies of two distinctly different languages such as English and Chinese,by focusing on passive constructions and classifiers in the two languages.

作者: Richard Xiao
作者单位: Edge Hill University, UK
母体文献: Corpus Technologies & Applied Linguistics : An International Conference(2012语料库技术及应用语言学国际会议)论文集
会议名称: Corpus Technologies & Applied Linguistics : An International Conference(2012语料库技术及应用语言学国际会议)
会议时间: 2012年6月28日
会议地点: 苏州
主办单位: 中国西安利物浦大学
语 种: eng
在线出版日期: 3000年1月1日