Patterned distribution of phraseologies within text: the case of academic English

  While inter-text comparison sheds important light on the variation across texts of different domains or registers, efforts to look into the intra-text distribution of words have been rare.Such analysis, once made possible, may help discover important clues in the distribution of certain categories of words or word combinations (such as discourse markers) which significantly contribute to the organizational patterns of texts.While wordplotting is an interesting technique in this direction, its graphical output renders it difficult, if not impossible, to use the data for any further quantitative analysis.This study introduces a technique in which texts are segmented into a user-specified number of portions for intra-text comparison.A collection of academic English texts is used as an example.In order to identify the most salient phraseologies which signal textual organization, the texts are chopped into different numbers of segments for intercomparison.The patterned distribution of phraseologies thereby discovered provides important clues to the functioning of phraseology in textual organization.The presentation will include a demo of the software used for the purpose of the study.

作者: Maocheng Liang
作者单位: Beijing Foreign Studies University
母体文献: Corpus Technologies & Applied Linguistics : An International Conference(2012语料库技术及应用语言学国际会议)论文集
会议名称: Corpus Technologies & Applied Linguistics : An International Conference(2012语料库技术及应用语言学国际会议)
会议时间: 2012年6月28日
会议地点: 苏州
主办单位: 中国西安利物浦大学
语 种: eng
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