Using corpora for teaching Chinese

  For the last twenty years, the world of English language teaching has come to realise the value of corpora and has worked out how to use them in dictionary-making syllabus design,and the preparation of teaching materials.In the last few years, the teaching of Chinese has grown rapidly.The question then is, how can the expertise be transferred across, so Chinese teaching benefits from the experience of corpus use in English teaching? I shall describe a range of ways in which this can be done, and will introduce the Sketch Engine (, a website where Chinese corpora are set up and ready to use.

作者: Adam Kilgariff
作者单位: Lexical Computing Ltd
母体文献: Corpus Technologies & Applied Linguistics : An International Conference(2012语料库技术及应用语言学国际会议)论文集
会议名称: Corpus Technologies & Applied Linguistics : An International Conference(2012语料库技术及应用语言学国际会议)
会议时间: 2012年6月28日
会议地点: 苏州
主办单位: 中国西安利物浦大学
语 种: eng
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