Patterns in patter: Using WordSmith Tools to identify regularity in text

  Corpus Linguistics has for many years aided the Applied Linguist, for example, in supplying numerous examples of text phenomena and making it possible by comparing their frequencies to firm up or re-shape theory and therefore provide a basis for changed practice in classrooms.Many of these phenomena have been presented to the user of software either as KWIC concordances, to be read vertically, or as lists in one or more columns, such as tables of numbers.Such methods of showing text regularities to an investigator are powerful and have had great impact, but it is becoming increasingly clear that human beings have much more difficulty in seeing patterns in table of numbers than they do with spatial arrangements, especially if differences can be brought out in colour.Even the classic coloured KWIC concordance, with its vertical reading strategy, requires training for patterns to be seen.Yet pattern noticing is as old as the hills, witness the universal propensity already traceable in neonates to notice the patternings of eye and lip and from these interpret parental mood.This presentation will examine ways of studying text patternings through Corpus Linguistic methods, using WordSmith Tools 6.In the last year or so enhanced pattern-generating features have been implemented, including word clouds, time-lines and plots of various kinds.The presentation will be illustrated with recent climate-change data and with 19th century literary data.

作者: Mike Scott
作者单位: Aston University, UK
母体文献: Corpus Technologies & Applied Linguistics : An International Conference(2012语料库技术及应用语言学国际会议)论文集
会议名称: Corpus Technologies & Applied Linguistics : An International Conference(2012语料库技术及应用语言学国际会议)
会议时间: 2012年6月28日
会议地点: 苏州
主办单位: 中国西安利物浦大学
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