CO Oxidation over Cerium and Group 4 Metal Oxide Clusters

  CO oxidation by molecular oxygen is an important type of reaction.[1] Oxides of cerium (Ce) and group 4 metals (Ti,Zr,Hf) are widely used as both catalysts or catalytic supports for the CO oxidation.[2] To investigate the mechanistic details of the related metal oxides in the catalytic reactions,mass spectrometry and density functional theory (DFT) computations have been employed to study the reactions of CO with oxide clusters of Ce,Ti,Zr,and Hf.The experiments identified the following series of reactions under near room temperature conditions: (CeO2)nO– + CO → (CeO2)n – + CO2 (n=4–21) (1) (TiO2)nO– + CO → (TiO2)n – + CO2 (n=3–14) (2) (ZrO2)nO– + CO → (ZrO2)nOCO– (n=3–14) (3) (HfO2)nO– + CO → (HfO2)nOCO– (n=2–13) (4) In addition,the reaction rate constants of (CeO2)nO– with CO strongly depend on the cluster size n.The DFT results are in agreement with the experiments and interesting electronic structures and energetics for CO oxidation over cerium and group 4 metal oxide clusters have been revealed.Based on the cluster chemistry,a catalytic mechanism is proposed to rationalize a fundamental difference between reducible and irreducible metal oxide supports in the CO oxidation.[3]

作者单位: Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 100190
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