Comparative Study on OSBlM in the Southern and Northern Typical Residential Model of Building Energy Efficiency Calculation
摘要 当前住宅市场中,不少颇受欢迎的南方户型产品被推广到北方,开发商对其所面临的能耗情况、能耗严重程度及是否可行都要进行考量.针对此种情况,在开放的、选择性BIM(即OSBIM)概念下,利用笔者研发的可视的、易于操作的"OSBIM住宅建筑节能计算工具",就一座典型的北方(天津)寒冷地区的联排住宅与拟设于同样地区的、近年流行于南方的院落式住宅之间的采暖季节能耗和围护结构热工数据进行计算分析和对比.从量化的角度,进行验证并得出结论.
In the current residential market, many residential products which is popular in the south are introduced to the north and considered on the energy consumption situation, severity and whether feasible by developers. With this situation, in concept of open and selective BIM, "OSBIM residential building energy efficiency calculation tool" which is visible and easy to operate and study are utilized to analyze and compare the energy consumption and envelope structure ' s thermal data of row houses in Tianjin-a typical northern cold area, and a courtyard residential which is popular in the south in recent years and to be set up in the same region, verifying and concluding from the quantitative perspective.
作者: 王晶 沈勇嵬
Author: WANG Jing SHEN Yong-wei
作者单位: 天津大学 建筑学院,天津,300072 天津方标世纪规划建筑设计有限公司,天津,300072
刊 名 建筑节能 ISTIC
年,卷(期): 2017, 45(12)
分类号: TU20
在线出版日期: 2018年1月4日
基金项目: 国家自然科学基金青年基金资助项目:开放的选择性BIM概念下的住宅节能可视化计算研究