Improved Means for Lighting and Extinguishing the Gas Lamps of Railway Coaches.

15,080. Redfern, C. G., [Pintsch Akt.- Ges., J.]. June 30. Pilot jets.-Each gas lamp in a railway carriage is provided with two pilot-jets d, h, Fig. 1, one d being connected in the usual manner to the gassupply pipe e of the illuminating burner, and the other h being connected to a separate gas-supply pipe i, so that the latter pilot-jet can be ignited before gas is supplied to the pipe e, and can be turned off from the end of the car when gas is admitted to the pipe e. The pilot-jet d is arranged so that the non-luminous flame impinges on part of the mantle and is extinguished when the lamp cock b is operated by a handle or from the blind to supply gas to the burner, a trace of gas being always allowed to pass through a by-pass in the cock b to the jet d. The pipes e, i are connected at the rear of the carriage to a valve, the plug j, Figs. 6 and 9, of which has two openings l, m in different planes, both openings communicating through the centre of the plug with the main gas supply when the main valve is opened. One opening l communicates with the pipe i in one position of the plug j, and the other opening m communicates with the pipe e in another position, while both openings l, m communicate with their respective pipes in the intermediate position shown in Figs. 6 and 9. A cock may be arranged for cutting-off simultaneously the gas supply to the main burner and the igniting- burner of a lamp.

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