An Improved Controller for Regulating from a Distance the Lighting and Extinguishing of Gas Lamps.

22,690. Johnson, A. G. Kent-. Oct. 8. Valves controlled from a distance. - In apparatus for operating gas - valves by a sudden increase of pressure transmitted through the gas mains and of the kind in which a bell-jar 5 &c. divides the casing into compartments 6, 7 communicating through a small orifice 9, the escape of gas from the chamber 7 is controlled by a liquid seal 21, 22 so that gas can only escape therefrom to allow the bell to rise and operate the disk valve 16 after the gas has reached a predetermined pressure. This pressure is determined by filling the vessel 22 with liquid up to any of the plugs 23, as desired, and the escaping gas is led through a pipe 24 to the pilot burner. The disk valve has perforations 25 which register alternately with orifices 17, 18 leading to the burner and pilot burner respectively. The pawl 14 for operating the ratchet-wheel 15 is carried by a rod 10 on the bell-jar 5.

申请(专利)号: GBD191322690
申请日期: 1913年10月8日
公开(公告)日: 1914年10月8日
公开(公告)号: GB191322690(A)
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分类号: F23Q21/00,F,F23,F23Q,F23Q21