Square lattice fuel element restraint structure, applicable to heterogeneous reactors, in which the vertical corrugated profiled side members of each compartment of the structure constrain fuel element verticality. Inward projecting spurs integral with the side members or alternatively in diagonally opposed locations at the corners of each compartment inhibit swelling of the fuel element cladding in excess of a predetermined distance. A further variant provides for close fitting cylindrical collars around the fuel elements with profiled tabs to maintain positional restraint and radially projecting spurs to inhibit swelling of the cladding of adjacent elements.

申请(专利)号: FR19730023800
申请日期: 1973年6月28日
公开(公告)日: 1976年5月28日
公开(公告)号: FR2235464(B1)
主分类号: G21C3/34,G,G21,G21C,G21C3
分类号: G21C3/34,G21C3/32,G21C3/356,G21C9/00,G,G21,G21C,G21C3,G21C9