Improvements in or relating to Apparatus for Maintaining a Prescribed Pressure or for Indicating Pressure.

108,386. Muller, W. Sept. 18, 1916. Liquid-seal devices for relieving pressure. - A pressure indicating and relieving device, particularly applicable for use in connexion with the after-fermentation of beer, comprises a number of U-tubes containing water, salt lye, or glycerine arranged in series, the connexion between each pair being adapted to be opened to the atmosphere. In the form shown, the tubes, which are wholly or in part made of transparent material, are connected in pairs at their lower ends by passages b in a casting d. A similar casting connects the upper ends by passage b<1>, screwed plugs c being provided to enable the passage joining each pair to be connected to atmosphere. The first tube a<1> is connected to the source of pressure while the last tube ax is permanently open to the atmosphere. The tubes are mounted on a baseboard e fitted with supporting rings f and with scales for the transparent part of each tube. In a modification, each element comprises a narrow descending tube inserted in a wider ascending tube fitted at the top with a branch having a flexible pipe fitted with a pinch cock and leading to the atmosphere. The elements are connected by flexible tubes.

申请(专利)号: GB19160013246
申请日期: 1916年9月18日
公开(公告)日: 1917年8月9日
公开(公告)号: GB108386(A)
主分类号: C12L9/00,C,C12,C12L,C12L9
分类号: C12L9/00,C,C12,C12L,C12L9