Improvements in the Production of Yeast.

7640. Braasch, H. March 31, 1909, [Convention date]. Void. [Published under Section 91 of the Act.] Yeast.-In the process of producing yeast with continuous aeration, instead of lessening the amount of air at the beginning and end of the process, the full amount of air is introduced during the whole process. The effect of the aeration is increased by opposing a counter pressure to the issuing gas, either by increasing the depth of the tun to about 4-5 metres, or by closing the tun and providing it with safety valves. To eliminate the carbon dioxide when a closed tun is used, the tun is completely filled with wort, and the wort that escapes through the safety-valve is returned by a pump to the bottom of the tun.

申请(专利)号: GBD191007640
申请日期: 1910年3月29日
公开(公告)日: 2000年1月4日
公开(公告)号: GB191007640(A)
主分类号: C12N1/18,C,C12,C12N,C12N1
分类号: C12N1/18,C,C12,C12N,C12N1
申请(专利权)人: HANS BRAASCH