Improvements in Wave Motors.

28,982. Agostini, L. R. Dec. 16. Wave energy, utilizing.-A wave motor, by which the continuous rotation of a shaft in one direction is obtained, c o mprises one or more floats 9<a> anchored by means of chains 10, and connected by means of a cable 9 passing over a pulley 8 to a vertical weight 33, on both sides of which a series of spring- pressed pawls 35 are mounted. These pawls engage with spur-wheels 27 on each side of the rack in such a manner that they drive the wheels on one side when the rack rises, and those on the other side when the rack falls. These spur-wheels engage wheels 26 driving pulleys 20, which in turn drive the continuously rotating shaft 23 by means of a band 21. Two moored floats may he employed, the cable connected to one being passed round a pulley on the other on its way to the pulley 8.

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申请日期: 1912年12月16日
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分类号: F03B13/18,F,F03,F03B,F03B13