Improvements in the Bacterial Fermentation of Carbohydrates and in Bacterial Cultures for the same.

4845. Weizmann, C. March 29. Fuseloil; organized ferments.-Acetone and alcohol particularly butyl alcohol, are obtained by fermentation under aerobic or anaerobic conditions of carbohydrate material such as maize, rice, wheat, oats, rye, dari, and potatoes, with a culture of the bacteria which are found in soil or on cereals such as maize, rice, and flax, and which survive heating to 90-100? C. for one to two minutes. The bacteria will also liquefy gelatine and are stated to be probably bacillus granulobacter pectinovorum. The cultures may be prepared by inoculating sterile maize-mash heated to 90-100? C. with maize-meal, and allowing the mixture in divided portions to ferment at 35-37? C. The culture which shows the most vigorous fermentation and has the most pronounced smell of butyl alcohol is heated to 90- 100? C. for one to two minutes and used to inoculate a sterile maize-mash. This process of preparing sub-cultures is repeated about 100 to 150 times.

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