Vertical axis windmill

A vertical axis windmill is taught having a horizontal base, preferably circular in configuration, sitting on the earth's surface, a dome having a horizontal bottom spaced above the base supported on a plurality of columns to provide an annular space below the dome bottom, a conical baffle positioned on the base below the dome, the conical axis being coincidental with the vertical axis of the dome, the dome having a circular roof orifice therein coaxial with the axis of the conical baffle, a vertical shaft supported coaxially by the conical baffle and an impeller affixed to the shaft and positioned in the dome circular orifice. Wind blowing relative to the windmill causes a lifting force by the aerodynamic effect of the dome, the wind passing upwardly through the annular opening and upwardly through the dome orifice, imparting rotational energy to the impeller. Power using apparatus such as generators or the like may be attached to the rotating vertical shaft. An alternate embodiment includes the utilization of a plurality of vertical vanes between the base and the dome, exterior of the conical baffle to more effectively direct the flow of air upwardly through the dome orifice.

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