Diagnostic test card

A test card adapted for the performance of an immunochemical diagnostic or serological test thereon comprises a test surface member and a covering member foldable thereon, the covering member being provided with circular convex windows which when folded over are in registry with circular test areas on the test surface member, permitting visual observation of test results, the inner surface of the covering member having adhered thereto a continuous sheet of an absorbent material which becomes transparent upon contact with a liquid, said sheet extending across the windows and permitting viewing of the test results when the test card is closed. Fixed to both surfaces of the absorbent material is a film of double sided adhesive. This adhesive covers the entire absorbent sheet on both sides except for cut-out areas in registry with the transparent window and reaction area. The adhesive on one side bonds the absorbent material to the cover element. On the other side it is bound to the absorbent material and covered by a peel-away element. This peel-away element is removed prior to attaching the cover element to the reaction bearing element. The card may be used, for example, for blood group typing.

申请(专利)号: US19760733649
申请日期: 1976年10月18日
公开(公告)日: 1977年10月25日
公开(公告)号: US4055394(A)
主分类号: C12M1/20,C,C12,C12M,C12M1
分类号: C12M1/20,G01N33/543,G01N33/80,(IPC1-7):G01N31/02,G01N33/16,C,G,(,C12,G01,(IP,C12M,G01N,(IPC,C12M1,G01N33,(IPC1-7):G01N31