Drainage control device for washing machines

A drainage control device for washing machines is disclosed. This device controls the drain port, provided at the bottom of a washing tub, thus draining water from the washing tub in accordance with an operational mode of a washing machine. This drainage control device includes a first drive means containing a working fluid and operated in response to a change in volume of the working fluid, and a second drive means connected to the first drive means and controlling inflow and outflow of the working fluid relative to the first drive means. The first drive means comprises a first cylinder containing the working fluid, a first piston reciprocating within the first cylinder, a heating means used for heating the first piston, and an actuation rod operated in conjunction with both the first piston and the heating means to open or close the drain port. This device is less likely to cause operational errors or operational noises regardless of long periods of use, and also has a simple construction, a reduced number of parts, and is produced at low cost due to the simple construction.

申请(专利)号: US20010802989
申请日期: 2001年3月12日
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