Design of A Headlamp with Freeform Reflectors

  Headlamps with freeform reflectors have simpler mechanical structures and are easier to be fabricated compared to other types headlamps.In this paper, we presented a design of a kind of headlamps capable of providing both low beam and high beam lighting.Two arrays of LEDs were used as light sources for low beam and high beam lighting respectively.A freeform reflector was designed to control light distribution.Switch of low beam or high beam lighting was implemented by turning on or off the two arrays of LEDs.Simulation results showed that the headlamp we designed satisfied all illumination requirements of low beam and high beam lighting defined by the national standard.There were clear cut off lines on the test screen.We made a prototype and tested its performance in a laboratory with a standard test screen.Preliminary test results indicated that the prototype,driven by about 66.7% of the full power, met the requirements at most measuring points defended by the standard.

作者单位: School of Optical-Electrical and Computer Engineering,University of Shanghai for Science and Technology,Shanghai,P.R.China Shanghai Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Technology Research Center,Shanghai,P.R.China
母体文献: 第五届中国国际汽车照明论坛论文集
会议名称: 第五届中国国际汽车照明论坛
会议时间: 2017年1月1日
会议地点: 上海
主办单位: 中国照明学会,中国汽车工业协会
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