Condensation in Automotive Lamps and Solving Strategy

  Condensation in automotive lamps is an effect which must be reduced to the minimum.Although a fogging incident in automotive lamps is as natural as on a mirror in a bathroom after a shower, clients do not accept it in automotive parts.The styling of modern lamps catches much more attention to the parts in detail than in earlier days and accordingly, far more parts are integrated, that possibly reduce the ability to remove condensation.Especially in the Chinese market, the weather conditions are very demanding: long period high humidity and suddenly low temperatures occur as well as dust, against which the lamp must be protected.Moreover, the demands on quality of local clients are high.Therefore, the local requirements on a good lamps design against condensation are challenging.In the design process of automotive lamps, it's necessary to make early decisions based on simulations.Therefore,current simulation methods, its abilities and limits on condensation are discussed in this paper.The physical background of condensation in automotive lamps and its connection to certain weather conditions and traffic situations are described.Influencing factors on lamps ability for removing condensation in are discussed.Finally, the demands on simulation methods to provide the calculation models and necessary accuracy are described.

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