Vehicle signature present and future purpose, meaning and importance of making vehicle distinct Signature of an autonomous vehicle

  This paper discusses the phenomenon of making vehicle signalling and marking distinctive;from the historic reason for identifying vehicles of importance (emergency and service vehicles) or of specific characteristics (bulk, speed, etc.);through contemporary, distinct vehicle brand identification;to the imminent unique marking of autonomous vehicles that would make them identifiable to road users (drivers, pedestrians and sensors of other autonomous vehicles), law enforcement officers and future "intelligent roadway" infrastructure.This paper also touches upon the concern that more unique visual marking and signalling could lead to sensory overload for drivers, pedestrians and for optic sensors of automated vehicles and "intelligent roadways".Finally, this paper identifies some pros and cons of identifying autonomous vehicles;the identifiers' impact on road users (reassurance or wariness);and the necessity for standardized/harmonized visual vehicle-based markings and/or dashboard identifiers (tell-tales).

作者单位: GlobalCarLight-Regulations and Standards Advisory Chairman of the International Executive Committee of the International Forum on Automotive Lighting
母体文献: 第五届中国国际汽车照明论坛论文集
会议名称: 第五届中国国际汽车照明论坛
会议时间: 2017年1月1日
会议地点: 上海
主办单位: 中国照明学会,中国汽车工业协会
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